(Some very light spoilers)

It’s amazing how much a book can surprise you. Having read all of the previous novels I bought this one blind without reading any of the online blurb or descriptions so the 30-year time jump came as a complete shock. Changing the status quo for the entire series is a very risky move even for such esteemed authors and if done incorrectly it could have plunged this sprawling interplanetary saga from thr height of greatness down into mediocrity. Luckily this isn’t the case, far from it infact, as this latest novel is probably the best entry so far.

The series has always had it’s moments of tragedy and hopelessness but Persepolis Rising manages to raise the stakes even higher than before not only for the ageing members of the Rocinante but also a host of new and interesting characters each with their own agendas and motivations.

As the story comes to a close the incredible world built by Abraham and Franck has suffered some serious setbacks an the final pages leave it’s main players in various states of resistance,resignation or redemption.

The next book can’t come soon enough.