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Some lies cut deeper than any sword

War has come to the fragile city-state of Carenos. A self-proclaimed ‘King of the South’ sows destruction among its outlying villages, cutting a bloody swathe towards the capital. As smoke from the burning wheat fields blackens the sky, Carenos sends a desperate plea for aid to its allies in the north.

Dexios, general of the Thenean phalanx, is one of those chosen to answer the call. After braving the tumultuous Sea of Scales, he arrives in Carenos at the head of three hundred hoplites, determined to put an end to the enemy incursion.

One threat, however, can often hide another. Something is stirring in the shadows of the sun-drenched lowlands, an age-old legend, abandoned and forgotten. Drawn from its den by the need to satiate its ravenous hunger.

And the enticing scent of blood.

When dreams and reality intertwine

Praedora is plagued by the same recurring dream. A nightmare in which she is lost and alone in the dark, hunted by creatures from another age. The warrior knights of her temple may hold the key to ending her ordeal, but first they must deal with a more urgent threat.

A nearby village has been attacked; its inhabitants are missing. A distraught survivor whispers the name of those responsible: greylings. The same malicious predators from Praedora’s dreams.

Convinced that there must be a link between the two, Praedora leads a rescue party south, hoping to find the answer to her troubles.

Instead, what she discovers will change her life forever.