Interviews & Videos

Beard of Darkness Interview

Spent a lovely hour chatting with Matt about all sorts of things!

Mike’s Book Reviews

The War of the Twelve Omnibus makes a brief appearance on Mike’s June Book Haul!

SFF Spotlight 31

Petrik Leo from Novel Notions talks about the Metanoia cover reveal and the War of the Twelve omnibus

Fantasy News

A very brief but much appreciated shoutout by Daniel Greene on this week’s fantasy news!

Mindy’s Book Review

A review of Panacea by the lovely Mindy over on her youtube channel.

SPFBO9 Favourite Covers

Dom explains why Panacea is one of his favourite covers from this year’s SPFBO competition.

The Accords SPFBO9 Cover Contest

Tru picks Panacea as one of their favourite covers from this year’s SPFBO competition (

JamReads March of the Sequels

We talk about how hard it is to write a good sequel, and much more, over at JamReads (

Indie Showcase Feb 2022

I talk about the War of the Twelve series on Dom’s Febuary indie showcase.

Vicarious Living Book Interview

I did a very nice interview in December with Vaishali at Vicarious Living.

We talked about what it was like to write my first published book, relatable protagonists, what other genres I would consider writing in, and much more.


The Cosy Dragon

An interview with Rose over at the Cosy Dragon.

Interview with Alex Robins


The Reading Nook

An interview with Sarah over on her Reading Nook blog.

Author Interview: ‘The Broken Heart of Arelium’ by Alex Robins