After nearly a year of writing, polishing, editing, more polishing, formatting, and stress-crying the first book in the War of the Twelve series has finally been let out of it’s cage, free to rampage across online sites and bookstores in search of unsuspecting lovers of epic fantasy.


If it had been any other year I’m sure getting this book out would have been a much easier process, but just like everyone else 2020 was a never-ending quagmire of destruction that slowed everything to a crawl. Without the help, patience, and support of friends and family this project would have never seen the light of day.

As fellow published authors know, holding a finished product in your hands lights a warm spark of happiness; one that reappears every time someone leaves a nice review or comment so please don’t be shy and get in touch via the contact form here or through goodreads, amazon, bookbub or anywhere else I have an author profile.

Now my first book is being safely guarded by my two favourite knights (as yet unnamed!) I can move on to the next big project… Book 2 : The Ashen Hand of Kessrin.

Happy Reading!