I really like a book that keeps you guessing. Interviewing Immortality, Bill Conrad’s debut novel, is one of these books, a fast-paced page-turner that really kept me engaged from the first page to its satisfying conclusion.

Bill have managed to deftly mix a plethora of different genres as he explores what it means to be offered immortality – albeit with a terrible cost – and how such a gift would not only change the way we see the world now, but also how it would force us to reflect on past decisions and maybe even push us towards correcting some of life’s past mistakes.

James, our narrator, is interesting, but Grace steals the show. Bill has created a strong, independent female lead who manages to be both intimidating and vulnerable as the story evolves.

The good news is Bill tells us he has three books he’d like to write, so hopefully we won’t have long to wait before hearing more from this promising new author.