A Brief Timeline of Events

SPOILER WARNING : This Timeline contains events up until the END of Book 3 (The Burning Tears of Morlak) and is not recommended for those who have not already read the first three books.

The calendar used throughout the nine Baronies is intrinsically linked to the Twelve, with the year of their first appearance among the scattered tribes termed ‘The Arrival of the Twelve’ (AT). The events described here take place in the year 426 AT.

– 58 AT            A series of natural disasters, later known as the Calamity, wreaks havoc on the land and its inhabitants

00 AT            The first appearance of the Twelve among the human tribes

13 AT            An innumerable host of greylings is defeated in the Battle of the Northern Plains

14 AT            The Twelve separate, dispersing to aid the surviving tribes and eliminate the remaining greylings

33 AT            The Old Guard is established, sworn to defend the Pits

35 AT            The Council of Baronies is created by the Twelve, who gradually concede rulership of the nine provinces to the tribal leaders

41 AT            The first founding of the great temples of the Twelve, and their Orders

122 AT            The battle of Hellin Pass

123 AT            The building of the wooden dam at Terris Lake

123 AT            The Twelve depart into exile after signing a Pact with the leader of the greylings, a creature known as the weaver. The Pact states they will return in three hundred years to aid in the greylings’ conquest of the nine Baronies. If they refuse, the weaver will set loose a creature known as the wyrm

313 AT            The naval battle of Torc

365 AT            Birth of Listus del Arelium

366 AT            Documents detailing the Pact are discovered by the Order of Zygos, leading to a Schism that divides the Knights of the Twelve into two factions, those who believe the Pact to be real, and those who refuse to acknowledge it

368 AT            The First Temple of Zygos is destroyed, and the statue of its patron torn down. The survivors flee and eventually settle in Nightvale.

370 AT            Birth of Loré del Conte

384 AT            Birth of Syrella del Morlak

386 AT            Birth of Merad Reed

394 AT            Birth of Aldarin

404 AT            Merad Reed joins the Old Guard

404 AT            Birth of Nidore del Conte

405 AT            Birth of Jelaïa del Arelium

407 AT            The Scrying. Aldarin is accepted as an initiate to the temple of Brachyura

411 AT            Syrella del Morlak becomes Baroness

416 AT            Praxis begins his tenure as steward to Baron Listus after murdering the previous incumbent

418 AT            Auguste Fernshaw is elected Mayor of Jaelem

421 AT            Derello del Kessrin becomes Baron after the death of his parents, lost at sea, now known to have been killed by Mina, Last of the Twelve

426 AT            Greylings appear in great numbers at the Southern Pit and attack the town of Arelium. Listus del Arelium is killed. They are finally routed by the Knights of Brachyura

Autumn          Mina, Last of the Twelve, is found on Kingfisher Isle. Kessrin is attacked by a group of kraken. Mina is defeated by the combined efforts of Brachyura, Manfeld, and the priestess Praedora, who loses her sight

Mithuna, Third of the Twelve, imprisons Merad Reed in the cells under Morlak keep. Kumbha awakens

427 AT            Jeffson, Syrella, and the Knights of Kriari infiltrate Morlak keep, saving Reed and Kriari, First of the Twelve. Nidore and Mithuna are killed. Morlak is destroyed by the wyrm

Allied forces retake the town of Talth

Praxis is consumed by Zygos, Seventh of the Twelve