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war of the twelve omnibus

The War of the Twelve omnibus is finished and will be available June 1st! Look at this amazing cover :This massive tome is full to overflowing with War of the Twelve goodness : four full novels, five pieces of cover art, six character portraits, and two short stories...

Narrantess April Indie Sale

I'm part of the Narrantess Indie Sale this year, which means all of my books are either FREE or $0.99 until April 3rd. Go complete your collection!

Hero Forged – Josh Erikson

Hero Forged is the debut urban fantasy by Josh Erikson and part of my new resolution to step a bit more out of my epic fantasy comfort zone to try new things! I’m prefacing my review with this useful nugget of information so you don’t bring out the pitchforks when I...

The Grey Bastards – Jonathan French

I’m not a massive fan of the age-old saying “Never judge a book by its cover.” I know it’s only a metaphorical phrase, but still … if I see a cover with a crossbow-wielding half-orc riding a massive hog with four tusks then it’d better be a tale full of no-nonsense,...



Caduceus is a prequel novella set twenty years before the events of Panacea. On sale everywhere for $0.99/£0.99 or FREE for all my newsletter subscribers.

War of the Twelve series sale

War of the Twelve series sale

To celebrate the release of my new book, Panacea, my previous series, the War of the Twelve, will be on sale from December 16th through December 19th. Pick up the first book for free (worldwide) and the three other books for only $0.99 each (US/UK). That's the entire...

Panacea Signed copy giveaway

Panacea is out today!

Happy book release day to me! My Ancient Greek-inspired fantasy novel, Panacea, is out today! It's Clash of the Titans vs 300 with a heavy dose of Greek mythology. If this sounds like your jam you can pick it up here :

Panacea Advanced Review Copies

Panacea Advanced Review Copies

Panacea is out in just a few short days. The release date is set for December 15th … but how would you like to read it … today? And for free? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it isn’t! I have a number of digital ARCs available that I am happy to give away in...